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Hinoemata Kabuki (檜枝岐歌舞伎 (ひのえまたかぶき))

 This traditional Hinoemata Kabuki has been performed in dedication to the gods. It is said that Hinoemata Kabuki was started by a villager who watched a kabuki play in Edo. After he returned from Edo, he showed and taught other villagers about the kabuki play he saw.  Ever since Hinoemata Kabuki was created, it has been handed down through the generations for more than 260 years. All the preparation, such as costume making and make-up, are done by Hinoemata villagers.  Since this style of kabuki faithfully reflects the original style of kabuki performed in the Edo Era, a lot of kabuki fans come a long way to watch kabuki plays in Hinoemata. Performance Dates: May 12th, August 18th, the first Saturday in September. Free admission on May 12th and August 18th ※There will be a charge of 1,000 yen for the play on the first Saturday in September except for guests who stay at Hinoemata Onsen.


福島県 南会津郡檜枝岐村 字居平



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